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"Pitch Music Center was created in 2007, following a simple observation:

For a published songwriter, 99 are not. Who takes care of them?

There is no alternative or practical resource to find work placement opportunities, except by becoming a publisher yourself, which is a last resort for a creative... You have to understand the fundamentals of the profession, assimilating the uses of intellectual property, knowing how to go through a Sacem sheet like a publisher, looking for investment opportunities, going to sell yourself .... to finally take up the cap of author composer and propose his works._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

It is when arriving at the end of this insane journey  (I just wanted to "make music") after having experienced each stage, having first been edited, then editor in my turn that was born the idea of Pitch Music Center: Create a platform of useful resources to allow non-edited creatives to work without depending on anyone, at least while waiting to find a professional editor.

The economic model being based on a subscription, the contacts are direct and we do not intervene in the contractual relations between the parties (creative and users), which allows the system to be neutral and therefore fully useful to all the actors of it. musical sector involved in the creation, production (directing) or identifying talent (talent scouting).

francois-pelissou-idpic2 copie.jpg

Francois Pelissou

Founder of Pitch Music Center

MAO Protools graduate at the Center de Formation Professionnelle des Métiers du Son (CFPMS) guitarist, composer, publisher and manager of ORIT Productions since 2005 François also holds a degree in international trade and social media management. He is also a project manager and trainer at the Galilee International Institute of Management.

Pitch Music Center has existed since 2007 and was fully active until 2012 in a first format. The site then also offered a music library.

It appears in a simplified form in 2019, refocusing its activities on research and the dissemination of ads from artists looking for works. 

While this type of service for distributing announcements of work placements  has existed for a very long time in Anglo-Saxon countries,Pitch Music Center is unique in France and leader in its market. 


On the sidelines of announcements of work placements, and incollaboration with sector partners such as SACEM, Pitch Music Center has organized several training sessions and meetings in France on the themes of copyright, publishing and the development of artists' projects. Other publishing and publication references Pitch Music Center: "Musical sector, instructions for use" by Gildas Lefeuvre - Cd-rom "Music Business Contracts" (Orit & GL Connection).


Since 2007 in partnership with Sacem, we organized Pitch Music Center meetings and showcases at the Reservoir in Paris, to allow "Pitchers" to meet professionals. Among the sponsors of our listening committees and the professionals participating in our round tables, we had the pleasure of receiving:  

Denis Crepin (Sacem), Jean Marie Moreau (Author – President of the National Union of Composer Authors - SNAC), Erick Benzi (Author Composer Director), Jacques Veneruso (Author Composer), Claude Lemesle (Author), Michael Jones (Author composer performer ), Patrick Fiori (Artist), Mickael Wijnen (Europa Corp.), Jean-Christophe Bourgeois (Sony ATV), Caroline Molko (Warner Publishing France), Marc Thonon (Atmospheric), Michel Boulanger (ex DA Columbia, Play on) Jean Fauque (Author), Oliver DAX (Composer, director, producer), Thierry Sforza (Author), Malcolm Crespin (Neogen), Paul Banes (Editions Levallois), Olivier Cabrol, Fabrice Nataf (Ex-EMI Publishing),_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Hervé Benhamou (Heben Music) Juan Tamayo (Chrysalis), Charles-Henri De Pierrefeu (Universal), Gildas Lefeuvre (GL Connection - Former Editorial Director of Musique Info Hebdo), , Cédric Milard (Blankass) , Freeman (IAM) -- Non-exhaustive list...

Like many today, Pitch Music Center now concentrates all of its activities online.


In 2022, the platform has nearly 6,200 subscribers, including 4,500 creatives (authors, composers, beatmakers), 1100 artists identified and qualified for their news and their needs, and more de 600 professionals (Editors, Artistic Directors, labels, recording studios, Managers)


Each month, Pitch Music Center identifies nearly 100 artists, qualifies and directly contacts a 30th of them to explore their news and generates on average between 12 and 20 qualified ads per month. 

David Silberstein (26)


Pitch Music Center has contacts everywhere, their professional and artist address book is impressive.

Francis Boussaroque, Paris


Excellent Pitch Music Center initiative and nice people too!

Marie Leonor, Paris


Bravo for your enthusiasm and your respect for the artists. Sincerely.


Thierry Demougin / Home Studio Magazine

A unique and very useful tool these days!

Bernard Clapot / Revel Productions

Producer songwriter

Thanking you for the amazing work you do, congratulating you on your site.

Gildas Lefeuvre / GL Connection

Professional music press journalist / Coach

Pitch Music Center is a tool and an accelerator, a force of proposal. I would dare to say a “missing link”. In any case, a beneficial initiative in a rapidly changing musical sector, at a time when the value of the work is being questioned and questions are being asked about the future of creation.

Cedric Milard

Pianist and composer / Blankass

Congratulations on what PMC is doing for songwriters and artists 😍👏

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