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We plan specific actions, to approach and propose works (beats, instrumentals, songs, texts) to particular artists. If you prefer to be represented by Pitch Music Center to present your titles, rather than presenting them live with the Artist Manager directory, then this service is for you.  _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_How does it work?  CLICK HERE

Calendar of the next works deposits

Receptions of works continuously every day.
Processing, listening and transfers  the 10th of each month. 


urban pop,dance, electro


Formats concerned: Beats, music alone



Chris Brown (Fr)

Cardi B

Chance the Rapper

Big Flo & Oli (en)

MC Solaar (en)

CHS (en)

Alonzo (fr)

Keny Arkana (fr)

Dadju (fr)

Disiz The Plague (fr)

Seth Gueko (fr)

The Weasel (fr)

NLP (en)

PLK (en)

Vald (fr)

Dinosaurs (En)

Alpha Wann (Fr)

Lomepal (Fr)

Black M (En)

Formats concerned: Beats / instrumentals / music, complete songs, song texts.

Justin Bieber

Katy Perry

Magic System (En)

Dua Lipa (En/Sp)

Kelly Minogue

Ricky Martin (En/sp)

​Selena Gomez (En)


Justin Bieber

Jenifer Lopez

Enrique Iglesias (En/Sp)

Eddy de Pretto (fr)

Master Gims (fr)

Aya Nakamura (fr)

Shym (fr)

M Pokora (en)

Angela (fr)

Formats concerned: Complete songs, song texts. Instrumentals / songs music.


John Legend



Nathalie Imbruglia

Michael Buble  (En)

Selena Gomez  (En)

Sheryl Crow  (En)

If you wish to approach an artist who does not appear here but who appears in the directory of artist managers, it is also possible.Check out all the artists here

Other languages

Formats concerned: Complete songs, song texts. Instrumentals / songs music.

Amel Bent (en)

Julien Dore (fr)

Louane (fr)

Patrick Fiori (fr)

Julien Clerc (fr)

Patricia Kaas (Fr)

Amir (en)

Indila (Fr)

Vitaa (en)

Slimane (fr)

Chimene Badi (fr)

Mylène Farmer 'Fr)

Calogero (fr)

Pirate Heart (en)

The sisters (en)

Lara Fabian

Hoshi (fr)

Camelia Jordana (en)

Garou (fr)

Marc Lavoine (fr)

Vanessa Paradis

Barbara Pravi (fr)

Natasha St Pier (fr)

Zaz (fr)

If you want to submit more than one track and/or multiple artists

send your proposals directly

ref. "See my agent", we will get back to you soon. 


How does it work? 

In addition to the subscription to the directory of artist managers, we plan collective actions to approach and propose works (beats, instrumentals, songs, texts) to artists in particular.

How does it work? 

1- RV on the Subscription page, select the formula "See my agent". (You will receive deposit instructions)

2- Send your works to Pitch Music Center 

3- Reception and processing => Listening and validation of the transfers to the artist concerned.

4- Transfers to artist managers within 30 days maximum according to the date scheduled in the calendar.

5- Confirmation of dispatch (Date and time) - Contacts are direct in case of return. 

Included: A follow-up if the e-mail has not been opened after one week. 

Return or Response Guarantee:According to custom, we are part of an obligation of means here, and not of result, we cannot guarantee an answer to everyone. The mission stops when the email is proven sent and opened or sent and restarted.

In the event of non-transfer:If a work is refused by our services and therefore not transferred, we will refund the amount paid in full. 


The most common reasons for a transfer refusal:Differences in genre, style, universe, dated sounds, risky mixes or volumes, texts with different lexical fields or unrelated to the age of the performer concerned, witness voices that are too fragile.

The 7 advantages of "See my agent"...


Advantage 1: You can be said to be awesome (something you can't say about yourself. At least we don't recommend it.)

Advantage 2: We arrive with the weight of a professional player active in the music industry, we "propose"... which can be more impactful than an isolated creative who "demands" or "seeks attention".

Advantage 3: For international proposals, we communicate for you in English according to the customs of the country concerned.

Advantage 4: Our emailing tools allow us to know if the proposal sent by email has been opened and consulted, on what date and at what time. This does not guarantee a (quick) response, but it is already an important indicator. 

Advantage 5: Our mode of "filtering" is ethical and respectful of the author, the composer  and the artist concerned. We ensure that the format, style, genre and universe of the artist concerned are respected. We are also careful to ensure that the productions allow a decent professional listening. We never filter according to our personal tastes. If after listening we consider that a work is not suitable (for whatever reason), and we decide not to transfer it, we will refund the deposit in full, so no risk._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Advantage 6: The service from the site is set at 35 euros to present a title to an artist with all the above advantages. If you sign a title that works and generates revenue, you will owe nothing more. There is no "contract" at the start.

Advantage 7: Tracking / talent scouting  - According to our discoveries during listening, the activity can lead to specific work proposals, personalized orders and editorial signature proposals._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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