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You are an author, lyricist, composer, you want to bring your songs to life by offering them to performers with high potential for distribution, you are looking for artists in your style who have a topicality to offer them to integrate your songs or texts into their directory? You are in the right place.

"There is no unknown talent, as long as we know how to expose ourselves"

Consult the directory of artist managerson Pitch Music Center.


Handsome young man on rehearsal base. Lyric singer with acoustic guitar is writing notes a

“Everybody wants to work with the new super product or the latest top artist.

The key is to find him before he gets to the top" Timbaland

  • Consult the directory of artist managers.

  • Send your suggestions for songs and beats directly.

  • Are you an artist manager looking for beats or songs? 

Discover theemerging artistsand "the air of time"...

Don't send your audios randomly anymore, it doesn't work. Identify and qualify the projects that resemble you, thensend your productions directly.

Find the ideal interpreter! Mobilize attention and energiesto find the artist who will be able to highlight your songs, your beats, your texts.

Improve your knowledge of the music industry and the music business to startbuild your network.

Get out of isolation.

5 good reasons

to consult




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Pitch Music Center has contacts everywhere, their professional and artist address book is impressive.



Excellent Pitch Music Center initiative and nice people too!

Marie Leonor, Paris


Bravo for your enthusiasm and your respect for the artists. Sincerely.


KR Recording / Home Studio Magazine

A unique and very useful tool these days!


Producer songwriter

Thanking you for the amazing work you do, congratulating you on your site.

Enrico (Italy)

ACI Artist

With my compliments for your site and your events. Sincerely.

Marie Leonor, Paris


Bravo for your enthusiasm and your respect for the artists. Sincerely.


Journalist & coach / GL Connection

Pitch Music Center is a tool and an accelerator, a force of proposal. I would dare to say a “missing link”. In any case, a beneficial initiative in a rapidly changing musical sector, at a time when the value of the work is being questioned and questions are being asked about the future of creation.


Pianist and composer

Congratulations on what PMC is doing for songwriters and artists 😍👏



Thank you for your tremendous energy.

Long life to pitch music center!

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