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Links, tools and references cited in the E-book
Music Business Express

France .

Our recommendations are ethical: We propose here to discover services and products that we know very well because we use them. It is up to everyone to discover them and make them their own or and compare them with other similar services of course. 


To find musicians, freelancers, technicians for all trades, go to 


Example of a simple stage plan



Correct your pitches and falsehoods by voice withMelodyn Click here 

Line up your backing vocals with Vocalign Click here 

“Upgrade” your batteries withTrigger 2 Platinum  Click here 


Tool for creating, planning and sending scheduled posts on your profiles and social networks 

Complete toolbox to create and animate your marketing campaigns, creation of a database, creation of e-mailing sequences, automatic responders, creation of sales tunnels to accompany your Facebook, Youtube, Insta advertisements etc... _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Constitution, management of your email contacts and emailing platform in numbers.  

International .

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