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  • What is Pitch Music Center?
    This is a resource center for songwriters and artists. Some write songs, compose and produce instrumentals, the latter look for works to bring their artistic project to life. We connect them.
  • Does Pitch Music Center intervene in contracts between artists and songwriters?
    No, we do not intervene in your negotiations.
  • So, once I access the artist managers   directory of artists, I can send my material directly without restriction, right?
    Yes, but make sure to respect the rules of good conduct. By accessing this directory, you are accessing a professional environment, and it is therefore important to respect a few rules. You will be able to use the directory at 100%, as long as you use it appropriately, which means: Personally send precise and motivated works because they are relevant and adapted, that your communications be courteous, respectful and without familiarity. ANTI-SPAM POLICY: For obvious reasons, please NEVER send works to mailing lists created from this directory or promotional links. If we observe such actions or in the event of a complaint from an artist manager regarding inappropriate behavior, Pitch Music Center reserves the right to suspend or terminate a subscription.
  • If I subscribe and am no longer interested, can I stop my subscription? "
    Yes, you can stop your subscription at any time.
  • I'm about to pitch for the first time. What is your advice?
    To start, here are the 4 classic mistakes to avoid: 1- Do not send anything that does not correspond to the genre, style or texts unrelated to the lexical field or the age of the artist. ​ 2- Watch out for "fragile" vocals on the demo 3- Send only demos or productions that allow professional listening. We judge a demo and a production with the same ears! ​ 4- To be banned: The spirit "On a misunderstanding it could work" or "Well, we'll fix that in the mix"... 100% no. ​ Ask yourself the question every time: "You can only make a first impression once... does what I send represent me 100%? If not, finalize your proposal until you accept it for what it is, then propose it.
  • What kind of response should I expect when I send in my material?
    There is no rule here but here are some answers for the first mailings when you do not yet know who you are talking to. If your material is remarkable and corresponds to the artistic direction of the current production, and if moreover arrives at the right time, you will be informed very quickly! The rest of the time, "no news = no news" If after a week to 10 days you have not heard back, you can send a simple and friendly memo asking if they have received your proposal and d ' invite to respond, then STOP PROVIDING, unless you have received a clear sign of interest in return. The idea is to avoid the risk of "heaviness" or worse harassment that would block all subsequent communications.
  • What is the best way to introduce myself to managers?
    We encourage you to start each new communication in a normal, respectful, and unfamiliar way, being as clear, simple, direct, and to the point as possible. Here is a message type you can use as an example: Hello, my name is....I'm a freelance beatmaker/songwriter/lyricist located in.... I am sending you this proposal because I understand that you are the Manager of (artist name), an artist that I love and have always followed. In fact, my style of writing is closely linked to his artistic universe. Lately I've been working on a song/lyrics that he should be interested in. I allow myself to send you this title for a first listening in the hope that you will like it and that you will forward it to (name of the artist)? It is obviously available for you to use if you wish. Of course I am open to any comments, we can adjust the lyrics or the production or work on other titles if my work appeals to you. Thank you very much for your attention to welcome this unsolicited proposal, waiting for your response. Have a nice day xxxx ​ This is a model and you can adapt it keeping in mind and without adding or taking away from the format which must be precise, informative but also digestible. ​ Remember to put a relevant and clear subject in the style: Beat/song/lyric proposal for (artist name) manager
  • Can we introduce ourselves on behalf of Pitch music center when using the directory of artist managers?
    NO! IMPORTANT: Unless otherwise agreed or explicitly personalized referencing, you must not present yourself to the managers of artists "on behalf of Pitch Music Center" since your steps here are personal, spontaneous and not requested at this stage. ​ Only listings for artists in development that have been generated by Pitch Music Center can be matched citing the reference and the source.
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